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Municipality of Caltanissetta, Italy

Caltanissetta is a town of about 60.000 inhabitants, located in the centre of Sicily, near the archeological park of Mount Sabucina that presents a great variety of evidences that go from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period. The city acquired its identity and its name (Qal-at-nisa) during the Arab domination in Sicily. The city

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Municipality of Novo Mesto, Slovenia

GEOSTRATEGIC POSITION Geostrategy is a term originating from the vocabulary of military and political strategists, yet we can't and shouldn't pass it by when we discuss Novo Mesto. We can soften it though. People have long ago realized that nature encircled the area, suitable for settlement, with the river Krka for a reason. The oldest

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Municipality of Agia, Greece

The Municipality of Agia, a semi-mountainous, coastal and rural place with a population of 11, 47 thousand inhabitants (2011) and a total area of 668.26 square kilometers. Is located in central mainland Greece - Thessaly region - in the eastern part of the prefecture of Larissa. It is a unit of first level of self-government

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Municipality of Strumyani, Bulgaria

The Municipality of Strumyani, Bulgaria  covers the eastern slopes of Maleshevska mountain, the Strouma river valley and a small part of the western part of Pirin mountain. The highest peak of its territory is mount Sharalia - 2171 m. To the north Stroumyani borders Kresna municipality, to the south - Sandanski, to the east - Bansko, to

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Euni Partners, Bulgaria

Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization working to encourage and expand the cooperation among the academia, business, institutions and educational organizations, to facilitate the dialogue between citizens and authorities, to foster civil participation, pro-active and inclusive approaches on all levels.  We develop strategic frameworks for the development, preservation, exploitation, promotion and creation of thematic networks

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