The Municipality of Agia, a semi-mountainous, coastal and rural place with a population of 11, 47 thousand inhabitants (2011) and a total area of 668.26 square kilometers. Is located in central mainland Greece – Thessaly region – in the eastern part of the prefecture of Larissa.

It is a unit of first level of self-government that emerged from the Kallikrates Program (L.3852/2010) which unified the initial Municipality of Agia with three neighboring municipalities: Evrimenon, Lakeria and Melivoia. The territory has been inhabited since antiquity and it has a very rich and diverse natural environment.

The main activities:
The primary production sector, which employs 70% of the economically active population, is based on agricultural farming and arboriculture. Typical products are apples and chestnuts, cherries, olives, almonds, etc.

In the tertiary sector, tourism has been develop extensively given the variety of heritage resources (historical, thermal, religious, ecotourism).