Geostrategy is a term originating from the vocabulary of military and political strategists, yet we can’t and shouldn’t pass it by when we discuss Novo Mesto. We can soften it though. People have long ago realized that nature encircled the area, suitable for settlement, with the river Krka for a reason. The oldest finds bear witness to the stone age settlement. We know a lot more about our ancestors from the Iron Age,as witnessed by the world-famous Hallstatt excavations from the Chapter House Field and many other sites.Since then, this area was always associated with major pathways. The Romans connected Ljubljana and Sisak through this area, the Habsburgs granted city rights to Novo Mesto 650 years before with the intention of a corridor towards the Adriatic. Today Novo Mesto lies halfway between Ljubljana and Zagreb.

Natural conditions and historical circumstances would mean nothing if the people of Novo Mesto would not be able to take advantage of them. It is necessary to point out that situations were often highly unfavorable, but they knew how to exploit them to their advantage.
Turkish incursions have exhausted the wider area and their armies have repeatedly burned down the town, but were never able to conquer it. The picturesque village Brege merged from the walls, which guarded the city against attacks.Today,it’s one of the main architectural attractions.The Franciscans,who later played a crucial role in the beginning of the Novo Mesto Grammar school,also fled before the Turks from Bela Krajina.
City, exhausted due to constant Turkish threat, has given primacy over to Karlovac, but the people of Novo Mesto once again took care of its rise. National awakening of the 19th century reflected in the construction of the first national home in the Slovenian area, the arrival of the railway and the establishment of hospital.
Further development was roughly interrupted by the First World War, to which Novo Mesto responded with the cultural movement called the Novo Mesto Spring. Many companies, which play a major role in the economy of Dolenjska today, emerged from the ruins of the World War II devastation.

From this brief historical review can see that people never lacked ingenuity, entrepreneurship, ideas and visions. The flagship of Slovenian economy – Krka, which ranks among the world’s top producers of generic drugs, had grown from the family pharmaceutical laboratory. In Novo Mesto, we also have the only Slovenian car manufacturer –Revoz; a major player in the European market of caravans, campers and mobile homes – Adria Mobil and a recognized development supplier in the automotive industry – TPV Group. All these and many other companies of various sizes are responsible that Novo Mesto can justifiably be called the capital of Slovenian export economy.
We strive so that the employers in our municipality can choose from a wide range of qualified human resources, and education plays an important role in our vision of the city. Nine primary schools, renowned tradition of the Grammar School, the grand School centre and the advanced Centre for Biotechnology and Tourism had in recent years been joined by the higher education institutions and increasingly expressed efforts to establish the university.
Leisure time is also an important factor in the quality of life. In the fields of culture, sports and fun, we have recently deliberately focused on the revival of the city center, which gives the events a special charm, whether it is the international jazz festival Jazzinty or jumps in the river Krka from Kandija Bridge.