The Municipality of Strumyani, Bulgaria  covers the eastern slopes of Maleshevska mountain, the Strouma river valley and a small part of the western part of Pirin mountain. The highest peak of its territory is mount Sharalia – 2171 m.

To the north Stroumyani borders Kresna municipality, to the south – Sandanski, to the east – Bansko, to the south-east – Petrich. Berovo municipality (Macedonia) is its west frontier.
The specific nature resources of the municipality Strumyani favour the development of the ecologic and stable tourism.
In the forests and along the Strouma valley there are conditions for various recreation activities: – sport, fishing, wild fruits gathering, picnics, etc.

Sites and places to visit

Pirin Mountain is with excellent conditions for walks, picnics, picking wild fruit, speleological expeditions, mountaineering, etc. Pirin National Park fascinates with century-old forests, high mountain tops, beautiful edelweisses and fresh lakes and rivers.

The unique Sculpture park in village of Ilindentsi (4 km away) was created by Art foundation on the initiative of the sculptor Ivan Rusev. The park occupies more than 10 000 sq. m of land. The works of art of various Bulgarian and foreign authors are displayed there. Impressive is the nigh illumination on the several works of art, the sculpture elements and the Information centre.

Ilindentsi:  The “Art center Ilindentci” is situated in village of Ilindentsi 4 km from the main road E-79 Sofia-Kulata and 15 km from Sandanski.The accommodation place is at the foot of Pirin mountain with a magnificent nature around in the beginning of the Sculpture park (created from Bulgarian and foreign sculptures in the period 1998-2006).The climate is identical with the climate in the town of Sandanski and is auspicious for rest and creation. Well influenced the treatment cases of respiratory system, a different kinds allergies etc. Suitable time for rest and tourism is from the middle of April till the middle of November.

The magic called “Maleshevo Sings and Dances

The Festival is held in the last week of October. For three days, nearly 4,000 amateur singers from 12 countries compete on the open stage of Mikrevo.The festival “Maleshevo sings and dances” have a competitive character and is organized for the first time it 2004.

Ever since its first edition it becomes an international forum of singing, dancing and instrumental art of the nations for authentic and processed folklore. The festival involved over 800 performers from Southwestern Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, The Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. On the stage of the little village in Maleshevo thousands of ambassadors of authentic and processed folklore show the beauty of their nations, preserved through the ages in song, melody and dance.
Maleshevo Sings and Dances” establishes itself as an authoritative international forum of eternal folk art, called folklore.